6 MORE Ways to Celebrate Halfoween aka Half Way to Halloween!

Pull out those orange and purple lights because it’s that time of year again!

The halfway point between October 31, 2016 and this year’s Halloween is this weekend (April 29th-May 1st), which means it’s time to celebrate 2017’s Halfway to Halloween or Halfoween as we’ve seen it termed recently.

6 More Ways to Celebrate Halfoween aka Halfway to Halloween

For “Halloweenheads” (see definition below) like us, there is no better opportunity to do a little celebrating and indulge our senses in all things ghoulish and ghastly.



1. a dedicated fan, devotee, and yearlong celebrator of all things Halloween.

2. a song performed by Ryan Adams on the 2007 album Easy Tiger.

We’ve gone through the post-Halloween blues, endured the festivities of Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter… and we’re craving a resurgence in Halloween merrymaking.

How does one go about celebrating Halfoween though? 

Because it’s not an official holiday, there’s no wrong way to get in the spirit for Halfway to Halloween. You can choose to make it as grand or as intimate as you’d like. It’s a chance for us fans, haunters, and party planners to start ramping up for the season to come. Let’s get this year’s celebration off to a spooktacular start with these 6 tips for making the most out of this year’s Halfway to Halloween!

1. Catch the latest Movie & TV selections on Netflix and Hulu

Halfoween Halfway to Halloween Mr and Mrs Halloween

Every month, streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon release a new collection of horror movies and television shows to enjoy from the comfort of your home. May is sure to bring some gems, but here are a few recently added titles with some Halloween flavor that you can enjoy this weekend.


A Nightmare on Elm Street 




The Babadook

The Last Exorcism

Return of the Living Dead 

2. Buy your ScareLA tickets!

Halfoween Halfway to Halloween Mr and Mrs Halloween

If there’s one Halloween event that you can’t miss, it’s ScareLA.

ScareLA began in 2013 as the first fan convention dedicated to the best holiday of the year. Founded and produced by fellow Halloween-lover Lora Ivanova, this weekend-long extravaganza unites the global tribe of Halloweenheads in Los Angeles each year and makes their wildest dreams (…or scariest nightmares) a reality.

With attraction unveilings, horror movie screenings, expert panels, classes, exhibits, haunt experiences, cosplay, and theatrical musical performances- it’s the official kickoff of the season for the Halloween community.

This weekend, in celebration of Halfoween, they’re offering a 1/2 OFF PRE-SALE on tickets!

So visit the ScareLA site now, and be sure to sign up for updates to be the first to know about ticket sales, event information, and all the scares you can imagine!

3. Treat yo’ self with some Halloween Merch

Halfoween Halfway to Halloween Mr and Mrs Halloween

If there’s anything we love more than the day itself, it’s all the Halloween-themed apparel, memorabilia, decorations, and gifts available these days. With the click of a button (or a walk down the street if you happen to live in Burbank, CA), you can stock your collection with Halloween goodies any time of the year.

If you’re looking to browse through some awesome swag, check out the selection at Halloween Town. It’s our favorite one-stop shop for all our Halloween necessities, and new items are added each month.

4. Attend a Halfway to Halloween Party 

Halfoween Halfway to Halloween Mr and Mrs Halloween

It may surprise you to find out that several bars and venues across the country get in the spirit and host Halfway to Halloween parties each year. Do a quick Google search to see if there are any parties planned in your area this weekend.

A few popular celebrations planned include:

5. Have a Halloween-themed Local Adventure

Halfoween Halfway to Halloween Mr and Mrs Halloween

Maybe you don’t have the time to plan a trip to another state, but we have a blast staying local and creating our own Halfway to Halloween adventure.

Create your own festivities by starting the day with a fresh cup of pumpkin spiced coffee, tuning into your favorite Halloween playlist, and exploring local spots with a bit of Halloween flavor. Visit a costume shop and brainstorm this year’s costume options, hit the local movie theater to catch the latest scary movie, or take a trip to a spooky locale or museum to get a haunted history lesson.

You’ll be delighted to discover there are year-round eerily entertaining activities waiting for you no matter where you live!

6. Read “Halfway to Halloween: 10 Ways to Celebrate the Unofficial Holiday”

Halfway to Halloween Mr. and Mrs. Halloween

Still looking for more ideas? Check out our tips from 2016 for a recipe for Halloween mimosas (they’re delicious!), advice on sharing a spooky night in with your boo, and much more! 

More than anything else, this is our chance to start the countdown to Halloween 2017! So, start your planning and get excited for the most wonderful time of the year. It will be here before you know it!

Do you celebrate Halfway to Halloween? What tips and tricks do you recommend to make the most of Halfoween?

Share your ideas and thoughts with us below.

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