6 Last Minute Treats For Your Halloweekend

You may just be rolling out of bed, still slightly intoxicated from the spirits and merriment of last night. As you pour that warm cup of pumpkin flavored coffee and slowly regain consciousness, it hits you: there’s only 1 day left until Halloween! Although last night may have been the last chance for a balls-to-the-wall style… More 6 Last Minute Treats For Your Halloweekend

Halloween Hard Cider

It’d be a bit of an overstatement to call this a “recipe.” Regardless, it’s a delicious adult beverage to enjoy and share with guests this Halloween. What You’ll Need:  -Your favorite brand of Apple Cider -Your favorite brand of Whiskey (we used a Maple Rye Whiskey for an extra splash of flavor) -Ice (optional, can be… More Halloween Hard Cider