The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Happy September 1st! We’re now officially two months away from the big day!

When does it feel right to dive head first into Halloween-mode? For me, the feeling always seems to come on a weekend morning. You wake up relaxed and notice, for the first time in so long, that familiar crisp breeze in the air. The sky is a little overcast and grey. The first molting leaves have fallen and begin to crunch under your feet. Something feels different from before. There’s magic in the air. Halloween is coming.

Halloween is the first big celebration of the fall, followed by Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. It’s the first time you get a break from the unrelenting heat of the summer. Now that we live in a part of the country that stays warm most of the year, we don’t begin to feel that crisp air until October is coming to an end. Even if the weather doesn’t feel quite right just yet, it still feels like the time to start celebrating.

For you true Halloween junkies, it starts in the middle of the summer. You start thinking ahead about your Halloween costume, browsing local thrift shops and casually looking for something that might be perfect for this year. Your horror movie intake begins to increase. You’re craving something scary and fun. By the time September’s here, you can’t hold it back any longer. “Get out the decorations!” “Why haven’t they put the pumpkins out yet!?”

For others, Halloween candy popping up on store shelves before October is obnoxious. For us, it’s never too early. It’s a welcomed reminder that Halloween is on its way. The season has begun!

When do you start getting in the spirit? Let us know how you kick off the big celebration below!

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  1. Oh man, prepare yourselves for everything pumpkin! I can’t wait to go pick some pumpkins and carve them into something cool. But I’m going to wait until October 1st 😉 I just can’t let go of summer quite yet!

  2. Mine is also when the weather gets colder and then I want to watch repeats of Goosebumps on netflix to start off with cheesy horror from my childhood!

    I just found out about a food around halloween called Soul Cakes? Have you ever heard of them??

    1. Yes! We’ve been waiting on the weather to catch up but have already indulged in some Netflix’ing of Goosebumps! The Haunted Mask is my favorite along with A Night in Terror Tower. I was just reading more about soul cakes and would love to track down a good recipe. Sounds like the perfect new treat to try out this year!

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