25 Spooky Summer Date Ideas

Summer is a time for adventure and exploration.

When you share it with someone you love, summertime can also be very romantic.

The days are long, events are plentiful, and it’s the perfect opportunity to get a date night on the calendar.

When you love Halloween though, traditional summer dates like a trip to the beach or puckering up poolside may not be your idea of a magical night out.

We feel ya…

As much as we love summertime, of course we’re thinking about crisp autumn nights and the Halloween season ahead.

Until then, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite summer date night ideas… with a Halloween twist!

Grab someone close because date night is about to get spooky.

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1. Attend an Outdoor Horror Movie Screening or Drive-In Movie

We had never been to an outdoor movie until we attended Rooftop Cinema Club‘s screening of Scream last October. It was an amazing experience seeing one of our favorite movies of all time beneath the stars with a fun crowd in Hollywood.

This summer in LA, Rooftop Cinema Club is screening Scream, Memento, Mulholland Drive, The Shape of Water, The Lost Boys, and a 25th anniversary screening of HOCUS POCUS!

An outdoor horror movie screening or a trip to a local drive-in movie is a classic date night filled with nostalgia.

Another perk for LA residents: you can watch an outdoor movie like The Lost Boys in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery as part of Cinespia’s summer screenings.

Outdoor movie IN A CEMETERY?! Date night booked!

2. Make Halloween Tie-Dye For Each Other

When we met back in high school, we used to tie-dye all the time.

It’s an easy, fun project that leaves you with a beautiful memento to commemorate the experience. Pick oranges, blacks, purples, and lime greens for your colors, and you’re on your way to a Halloween-inspired masterpiece.

Tie-Dye can get messy, so it’s a great outdoor activity for a warm summer’s night.

3. Sculpt Jack-O’-Lanterns in the Sand

Although we love the beach, most Halloween-loving folks prefer the vampire life and would much rather avoid the sun.

If your boo is a beach bum and you must endure the shore, get creative in the sand and sculpt some Jack-o’-lanterns… skeletons, cats… you get the idea.

Discover some untapped talent, and see who can create the most impressive sand sculpture.

4. Plan a Romantic Horror Movie Marathon

Movie nights are one of the easiest, cheapest date night ideas.

Plan ahead to make it special: prepare a candlelight dinner for two, whip up your love’s favorite dessert, or come up with some fun drinking game rules for the scary movies you choose.

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5. Embark on a Camping Trip

Whether you splurge on a luxurious AirBnB cabin or go rogue and pitch a tent for two, a trip to the woods is an especially romantic- and often a very creepy- experience!

Pack up your outdoor supplies, and head into the unknown together… just keep an eye out for Jason Voorhees.

6. Start Your Day at the Farmer’s Market and Carve Up a Summer Jack-O’-Melon Together

Jack-o’-Melons are a summertime twist on October’s Jack-o’-lantern.

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Start the day together picking out the best melon at the farmer’s market before you head home to show off your carving skills.

Add to the spirit of the occasion and brew up some Jack-O’-Melon Cocktails!

7. Visit a Haunted Location or Take a Haunted Historical Tour

Every town has its secrets.

Discover the legends and lore of the past in your area with a ghost tour or a trip to some historical, haunted locations.

8. Attend Midsummer Scream 

There’s an event we look forward to all year: Midsummer Scream.

Midsummer Scream is an annual Halloween convention held in Long Beach, CA.

Each year, Halloweenheads like us, horror lovers, and members of the haunt community gather for a weekend of spooky fun.

The best part? It’s a reminder that we’re not the only kooky couple in the world who is getting Halloween cravings in the summertime.

Surprise your SO with tickets to this year’s convention!

9. Glance into Your Futures with a Psychic Reading

Whether it’s a palm reading or tarot card session, exploring the otherworldly and unknown with your soul mate is a mystifying experience.

10. Visit a Wax Museum

If you’ve ever been to a wax museum, you know it’s one of the most fascinating and oddly disturbing places you can visit.

It’s a surefire way to avoid the face-melting temps outside!

11. Go Thrifting to Find This Year’s Halloween Costumes

We may be the only ones, but we love coordinating a couple’s costume every Halloween.

It’s fun having a partner in crime working to create a unique look you both enjoy.

Get a head start on your costumes this year and explore a local thrift shop to pick out your costumes together.

12. Take a Moonlit Walk and Gaze at the Stars

Not the scariest activity on the list but it’s a classic summer date.

Take turns telling each other scary stories on your stroll to up the spook factor.

13. Perform a Summer Solstice Ritual  

If you’re not magically-inclined, we’re not suggesting you two should dive head first into the occult.

However, there’s plenty of harmless and positive fun to be had with a simple ritual to honor and celebrate the love you share.

Light some sage, a few candles, and read an loving incantation together aloud.

As offbeat as it may sound, it’s an activity that can help you both feel more connected and align your intentions.

14. Take a Summer Road Trip with Spooky Destinations

Prep your favorite spooky playlist, and hit the road to discover nearby haunted and macabre destinations with your partner in crime.

Bonus points if you have to stay the night in a creepy motel!

15. Treat Yourselves With Something Frozen

Even Halloweenheads enjoy a frozen treat to beat the heat.

Pick a fall flavor like butterscotch or maple and mix in some candy corn for an autumnal blast of flavor.

16. Collaborate on a Halloween Project

Halloween people are creators.

We’re always building a prop or crafting up a piece of decor for the upcoming Halloween season.

Instead of going solo, work with your partner to create something together.

Two spooky minds work better than one, so put your heads together and use your artistic talents.

17. Visit a Fair or Carnival

Where can you find a haunted house in the summertime? Your local carnival or state fair!

18. Create Halloween Art with Chalk

Take a trip back to childhood summers doodling with chalk on the sidewalk.

This time, draw something spooky with the one you love!

19. Attend an Outdoor Play

Outdoor theatre is a summer tradition in most cities and a great opportunity to show your boo a cultured evening of live entertainment.

Pick a production on the darker side like Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus to add a touch of horror into the evening.

20. Build a Fire, Tell Ghost Stories, and Make S’mores

Cuddling by the light of a fire is romance gold.

Add a spooky touch by taking turns telling the scariest campfire tales you can conjure up while roasting marshmallows in the dark.

21. Break Out of an Escape Room

We still haven’t tried this one ourselves, but everyone seems to love the challenge of an escape room.

Go on the adventure together, and see who’s better at solving riddles and helping you two break free.

22. Fake a Power Outage and Play Hide and Seek

Recently, our power went out all night.

The streets were pitch black, shadows cast on the walls from our candlelight, and we had the best time creeping each other out in the dark with scary stories.

Sometimes, you need a little reminder from the universe to turn off the technology and get romantic.

Cut the lights, turn off the cellphones and TVs, and have some fun with each other in the dark.

We have the tiniest place and no yard, so a game of hide and seek would be laughable- but if you have the space, grab those flashlights and play!

Drop that ego and go back to the silly, fun and games of childhood- that silly, fun feeling is what love is all about.

23. Read a Goosebumps Book Together

We love reading together. Not separately but by taking turns reading chapters aloud to one another.

It’s lighthearted, a little goofy, and gives your inner thespian a chance to try out new voices to bring the characters in the book to life.

Goosebumps books, particularly the “Give Yourself Goosebumps” “Reader Beware… You Choose the Scare!” series, are short and easy reads that are perfect for a summer night.

24. Visit a Local Farm

Maybe it’s the harvest aesthetic, but farms always remind me of Halloween and fall.

Discover a local farm near you to pick berries or other fruits and vegetables in season.

If nothing else, the experience floods the brain with autumnal memories of apple picking, hayrides, and corn mazes.

25. Discover Treasures at the Flea Market or Yard Sales

Where do we find the best, most inexpensive Halloween decorations: flea markets and yard sales!

In the off season, most people are quick to let go of their Halloween decor for a fraction of what it’s worth.

Take advantage and discover hidden treasures with the person you treasure.

How do you keep date night spooky in the summer?

Let us know down below!

xo- mr and mrs

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Click here to PRINT a PDF version of 25 Spooky Summer Date Ideas!<

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