The Craft: Music from the Motion Picture

The Craft: Music from the Motion Picture, Sony.

Happy Friday! Something wicked this way comes! Continuing to bring you the best songs for your Ultimate Halloween Playlist, today we invite you to jam out to the soundtrack for 1996’s The Craft. You can purchase the full album here. I still remember buying this when it was first released on cassette tape.

This soundtrack is filled with alternative rock covers, folksy female vocalists of the ’90s like Jewel and Letters to Cleo, and selections from the original score by Graeme Revell.

Let the witching hour begin! Enjoy some of the best music moments from the film below:

This opening credits sequence features Revell’s score and a cover of “Tomorrow Never Knows” by Our Lady Peace.

If only someone had uploaded Sarah’s first day of school scene featuring this song, “All This and Nothing” by Sponge.

A darker selection from the soundtrack but perfect for Halloween. “The Horror” by Spacehog.

This track by Portishead may not have been included on the official soundtrack release, but it has to be included here.

Back to some lighter selections. This scene and song (a cover of “Dangerous Type” by Letters to Cleo) is one of my favorite movie moments. The ultimate teen witch, girl power anthem.

And now for the grand finale, the ultimate witchy song: Love Spit Love’s cover of “How Soon is Now.” This song was later used as the main theme for the hit TV show Charmed. The director of The Craft, Andrew Fleming, notes on the DVD’s commentary that the song was featured in The Craft years before it made its way to television.

For more music to set the mood for your Halloween celebrations, visit Spotify to listen to Mr. and Mrs. Halloween’s Ultimate Halloween Playlist!

Did you enjoy The Craft soundtrack? Share your favorite tracks and thoughts below!

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