Halloween Mad Lib: Throwing the Perfect Halloween Party

Have a fun break on the first official day of fall with this original Halloween Mad Lib. Do you know what it takes to throw the perfect Halloween bash? Fill in the blanks to create the perfect setting for this year’s Halloween celebrations. Whether done alone or with friends at your next event, this word game will put you and your guests in the perfect mood for the season.

If you’re new to this popular game, click below to open the word sheet to think up as many creative words as you can. The more quirky and unique you make your word selection, the better story you’ll create. After you’ve compiled your list of words, fill in the blanks on the story sheet to create your chilling (or silly) tale. Enjoy!

  1. Halloween Mad Lib Word Sheet (pdf)
  2. Halloween Mad Lib Story Sheet (pdf)

Halloween Mad Lib Word Sheet

Halloween Mad Lib Story Sheet

What spooky Halloween stories did you come up with? Share the tales you create in the comment section below!

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