The Ultimate Countdown of Best Halloween Cities Begins!

October 31st brings much more than parties, pumpkin-carving contests, and pillowcase-sized assortments of candy. It is a time of year that unites people from all over the world to come together and celebrate all that is festive and frightening. Children excitedly categorize their decadent winnings while adults watch appreciatively, nostalgic as they remember one of the most blissful moments of youth. As the last jack-o-lantern is blown out, a stillness is left in the air as an understood silence creeps upon the population—“it’s over.” This general acknowledgement is carried along with the autumn leaves from city to city, with Halloween leaving its lasting impact everywhere it goes.

It’s no secret that this holiday is a relatively universal one, and some traditions of the season carry over from place to place, serving as staples for every generation to experience. However, there are some traditions unique to certain places, and some cities arguably offer more Halloween-friendly activities than others. Here are our choices for some of the most spook-tacular cities, based on everything from the locale festivals, parades, and haunted houses—as well as statistics from, which praises cities for factors such as safety, weather, and the quantity of costume stores. It’s interesting to see how much of an impression Halloween has on the community, and just how far each city will go to ensure its tricks and treats are known by all.

Photo © Bryan Haefelle
The Great Jack O’ Lantern Blaze in Hudson Valley, New York. (Photo: Bryan Haefelle)

Over the next few weeks, we will share some of our favorite events from around the world. Which cities are known for having the most devilish parties? The best trick-or-treating? The most hair-raising haunts? These cities have scares so extravagant, so bone-chilling—you may wind up rethinking your zip code. See which places are known for having an impressive boast of Halloween spirit, and if your city measures up to these ghoulish antics. Whether you are new to a city, a visitor, or just haven’t taken full advantage of your city’s frightening attractions—discover some of the most fascinating and unusual festivities around.

What cities do you think are the most thrilling during the Halloween season? Share your experiences and thoughts below, and maybe your town will haunt its way to the top of our list!

Click here to explore the first city on our list: Atlanta, Georgia. 

Click here to explore the second city on the countdown: Portland, Oregon. 

Click here to explore the third city on our countdown: New Orleans, Louisiana. 

Click here to explore the fourth city on our countdown: Los Angeles, California. 

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