PSA: Be Kind to Black Cats This Halloween

black cat halloween

Once thought of as an incarnation of the devil, a comrade to witches and evil doers, the black cat has faced a considerable amount of adversity through the years. An old superstition purports that if a black cat crosses your path, you’ll be plagued by a string of bad luck (although in England the exact opposite is believed to be true). Unfortunately, these outdated and unfounded claims have led to an increase in violent and harmful acts against black cats… particularly around Halloween. Many shelters across the country choose to suspend the adoption of black cats until after Halloween has passed. They say people adopt them as live decorations and then return them or set them free on the streets once the festivities have ended.

black cat halloween

It saddens us to hear this is still an issue in the present day. As the owners of a moody, yet beautiful black coated feline, it’s hard to understand the discrimination. So this Halloween, spread the word: Black cats are no different than other cats. If you own one, please remember to keep them safe and indoors this Halloween. If you’re considering welcoming a feline into your home, give a black cat a second thought. We know you won’t regret it.


Do you have a story about your favorite sleek, dark coated feline? Dispel the rumors and share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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