Halloween Tunes: “Season of the Witch” – Donovan

Happy Friday, Halloweenheads! We’re getting so close to Halloween 2016, and there’s no better time to crank those Halloween jams and get in the spooky groove. Continuing to bring you the best songs for your Ultimate Halloween Playlist, we encourage you to take a psychedelic trip to the 1960s this season with Donovan’s “Season of the Witch”.


“Season of the Witch” quickly became a hit with fans when it was released on Donovan’s compilation album Sunshine Superman.  The song has been covered by several artists throughout the years, has appeared in numerous films and television shows (including The Simpsons and American Horror Story), and has been homaged in several forms of media including book and movie titles.

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We hope you’re celebrating the the “Season of the Witch” this Friday, and have a great weekend! Let us know your favorite Halloween tunes below!

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