Movies to Look Forward to this September

As we start our horror movie countdown, we’re interested to see what fresh blood horror filmmakers will be offering up this year. Here are the movies we’re most excited to see this month:

1. The Visit (9/11/15)

The Visit (2015), Universal.
The Visit (2015), Universal.

I’ve been seeing clips and trailers for this new movie from M. Night Shyamalan for a while. From what folks are saying, Shyamalan is going back to his mystery, thriller roots with this one. It looks creepy. A sure bonus in the trailer is Kathryn Hahn. She’s played so many great characters, and I’ve never seen her in a horror film. It definitely seems worth a trip to the theater.

2. Goodnight Mommy (9/11/15)

Goodnight Mommy (2015), Radius.
Goodnight Mommy (2015), Radius.

When this trailer hit the web, it seemed like everyone was buzzing about it. Rightfully so. It looks deeply disturbing, and the trailer alone will have your heart racing.

3. Cooties (9/18/15)

Cooties (2015), Lionsgate.
Cooties (2015), Lionsgate.

I’ve been waiting on this one for awhile. The ultimate zombie revenge film for those of you who hated elementary school. It looks like it’s filled with laughs and should make for a great time at the movies.

4. The Green Inferno (9/25/15)

The Green Inferno (2013), Universal.
The Green Inferno (2013), Universal.

This is the one I’m most looking forward to. I haven’t seen a film with Eli Roth at the helm since Hostel: Part II, so I’m excited to see what he has planned this time around. I felt like this movie would never be released with all the legal tie ups over the past two years but am so happy it’s making its way to the big screen. We’ve read some early reviews and are curious to see the social views Roth showcases with this cannibal based horror entry.

5. Before I Wake (9/25/15)

Before I Wake (2015), Relativity Media.
Before I Wake (2015), Relativity Media.

I hadn’t heard of this new horror film with Kate Bosworth and Thomas Jane until today. With Relativity Media’s bankruptcy status, it’s unclear if the movie will receive an ad campaign or be released at all. I’m usually not the biggest fan of child-based horror movies, but this film looks promising. With haunting nightmarish visions and a kid who’s terrified of falling asleep, this movie feels like a mix of Insidious and A Nightmare on Elm Street. 

There are, of course, many more excellent films coming to the multiplex this month. Let us know what scary movies you’re most excited for below!


6 thoughts on “Movies to Look Forward to this September

  1. WOW!!! Some of those look so good! Scary movies aren’t my cup of tea but I think I may actually have to check out a few of these. Will you be posting up reviews once you see them? I don’t want to get scared if they end up not being good! 😛

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