Horror Inspired Fashion: SCREAM

For all you fashionistas out there, it’s that time of year again: fashion week, where thousands gather in cities like Paris and New York to see this season’s hottest trends. We may not have seats next to the runway, but we’ve found inspiration from another source. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the beloved 1996 classic Scream, and we thought we’d pay homage to one of our favorite films by taking a look at some fashion-inspired trends that came from the movie.

Now, Halloween is still eight months away (yes, we are already counting down), so we haven’t included the exact costumes. Instead, we’ve compiled our favorite fashion moments and used them as inspiration to create modern day, easily accessible (not to mention affordable) looks that you can replicate any time. You may not win a costume contest with these inspired looks, but you can flaunt your inner Gale without sporting a lime green suit in the middle of March.

Scream (1996), Dimension Films.

Here are some of our favorite looks from the fashionable females of the film (don’t worry guys, we haven’t forgotten about you! There’s always room for a part 2!) :

Casey BeckerCasey Outfit ALT

Add a little splash of color to really make this scream queen’s outfit pop!

Where to get Casey’s look: Sweater: American Eagle, Pants: H & M, Belt: Target, Shoes: Rack Room Shoes

Gale WeathersGale Outfit 1 ALT

Let’s face it, no one can pull off a lime green suit quite like Gale Weathers. Opt for a cute dress or skirt with a bright hue, and throw in a coat like this one to give the outfit more of a Gale-esque shape to it. Consider tossing in a red accessory like this handbag, because we know Gale loves red.

Where to get Gale’s look: Dress: Free People, Trench coat: J. Crew, Shoes: DSWPurse: Forever 21

Gale Outfit 2 ALT

Where to get Gale’s look: Coat: Macy’sSkirt: ANGLTop: Charlotte Russe, Shoes: DSW, Headband: Ulta

Tatum Riley

Tatum Outfit One ALT

Nothing says 90s fashion like a plaid shirt tied around the waist, so we changed Tatum’s look up a little bit by making her plaid skirt into a shirt. This will add some versatility, so you have multiple options with this outfit. If you don’t feel like rocking Tatum’s famous zebra backpack, try a zebra patterned accessory, like these sunglasses.

Where to get Tatum’s look: Plaid: Abercrombie & Fitch, TopForever 21ShortsAmerican EagleShoesShoe CarnivalSunglasses: Target

Tatum Outfit 2 ALT


Seeing as spring is just around the corner, we switched Tatum’s signature red pants to shorts. We chose this lace jersey to give Tatum’s outfit a slightly more feminine look to balance out the sneakers.

Where to get Tatum’s look: Lace JerseyForever 21Top: H&M Shorts: J. CrewShoesFamous FootwearBag: TargetBelt: Wet Seal

Tatum Outfit 3 ALT

Where to get Tatum’s look: Jacket: Hollister, TopUrban OutfittersSkirt: Forever 21Shoes: Francesca’s Watch: rue21

Sidney Prescott

Sidney Outfit 1 ALT

This outfit is all about comfort, but if you want just a little more color, try a purse with a cool pattern like this one.

Where to get Sidney’s look: Sweater: Victoria’s Secret, Top: J. CrewJeansAbercrombie & FitchShoesUrban OutfittersBagRoxy.com

Sidney Outfit 2 ALT

Since winter is wrapping up, we swapped Sid’s suede jacket for a skirt. We added boots to ensure Sidney is prepared to run from Ghostface if necessary.

Where to get Sidney’s look: Top: Wet SealSkirtHollisterShoes: Charlotte RusseBackpack: Urban Outfitters

Sidney Outfit 3 ALT

We figured Sidney might want the option of some ultra-comfortable shoes like these flats, but this outfit could also be paired with boots (see above).

Where to get Sidney’s look: Jacket: GapTop: American EaglePantsGuessShoesWet SealPurse: PacsunWatch: Wet Seal


Do you find fashion inspiration from any of your favorite horror films? How do you express your love of horror through your wardrobe?

Share your thoughts and opinions with us below!

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