5 Children’s Books We Love During Halloween

Welcome to the Halloween Book Club! Beginning our journey into the best reading of the season, we bring you 5 Halloween books for youngsters that we still enjoy as adults.

As a kid, I remember sitting on the floor of the school library immersed in a good story. My favorites were always spooky tales of witches, vampires, and ghosts. Every year, I’d check out these books around October and relive the joy and the memories from Halloweens that came before. We hope you and your family enjoy this nostalgic selection to keep your Halloween fun, entertaining, and not too spooky.

1. Bony-Legs by Joanna Cole

Published in 1983, Bony-Legs was my all-time favorite book when I was little. I loved the story of the old witch who lived deep in the dark woods in a shack that rested on giant chicken feet. I loved Sasha, the small girl who comes across the old woman, and all the animals she encounters along the way. We highly recommend this tale for a story that is creepy and filled with excitement.

2. Popcorn by Frank Asch


We just read this book again last night, and although it’s clearly meant for younger kids, Popcorn is a fun, simple story about a little bear who tried to have the best Halloween party he could while his parents were out on the town. Sam, the young bear pictured, is left home alone on Halloween night and invites his friends over for a Halloween party. He encourages them all to wear a costume and bring something delicious to eat. Sam’s wish is granted and his friends arrive with food to share. Though, every one of them brings the same treat: popcorn. Before you know it things get out of hand. For a children’s book, this Halloween party gets pretty crazy. Sam and his friends must work together to get things cleaned up before his parents get home. From award-winning author Frank Asch, this story is perfect to share with your little ones this Halloween.

3. The Farmer and the Witch by Ida DeLage

farmer and witch

Also known under the title The Witch’s Spell, this book is pure Halloween nostalgia. I remember reading this book over and over again, loving the colors and illustrations. It’s a spooky story of a farmer who encounters an old witch while trying to chase pranksters away from his farm. It’s a battle of the minds to see who can outsmart the other with slapstick comedy interspersed. The Farmer and the Witch is a walk down memory lane that you and your family can enjoy year after year.

4. Scary Stories to Tell In the Dark by Alvin Schwartz 

scary stories

Honestly, this book still gives me the creeps. Although most of the stories are strange but innocent, some of them hit a dark note and have remained in my mind for years. What terrified me as a child were the perfect illustrations by Stephen Gammell. His images were grotesque and bone-chilling. The illustrations inspired the nightmares of an entire generation. Be careful when purchasing this one though. According to many reviews online, a recent reprint of the book excludes Gammell’s artwork and has less impact than the original. Beware!

5. The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury

halloween tree

The classic to beat all others, Ray Bradbury’s The Halloween Tree should be a staple in your Halloween book collection if it’s not already. This heroic tale of 8 boys on Halloween night venturing through time to save their friend and uncover the true meaning of Halloween is the perfect example of Halloween literature. Bradbury’s writing captures the spirited nostalgia of a simpler time. His use of language illustrates the core essence of autumn, bringing the whole tale to the reader’s mind in elaborate detail. If you don’t read anything else this Halloween, make sure you catch The Halloween Tree.

Afraid we missed one of your favorites? Never fear! We’ll be sharing our favorite Halloween book selections every week in October. Join the Halloween book club by subscribing and be sure to let us know what your favorite Halloween books are in the comment section below!

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