Halloween Entertainment Coming to Netflix in October

Happy October 1st! Netflix has announced a new lineup of scary favorites to keep you and your family entertained this Halloween. Check out what’s coming to the tube this October:

October 1:

-Curse of Chucky

-The Nightmare

October 2:

-The Vampire Diaries, Season 6

October 6:

-American Horror Story: Freak Show


-Tremors 5: Bloodline

October 7:

-Supernatural, Season 10

October 14:

-The Lazarus Effect

October 27:

-Manson Family Vacation

We’re definitely excited about a lot of these. We’ve been waiting to watch Freak Show and The Nightmare for what feels like forever. Although I have to admit we’re a little disappointed there aren’t more new Halloween & Horror themed selections, I know we’ll still have more than enough Halloween entertainment to enjoy this October.

What additions are you adding to your watchlist? Let us know your favorites and anything we missed in the comment section below!


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