Celebrate Halloween All Year (Without Making People Think You’re Crazy!)

Celebrate Halloween All Year(without making people think you're crazy!)

February hasn’t even come to an end, and we’re already yearning for this year’s Halloween season. I woke up early the other morning and watched an orange sun rise into the sky. There was a crisp breeze and leaves on the ground. Although this weather is the result of a lingering winter and spring quickly approaching, something about the air felt like fall. The feeling was inspiring enough to bring thoughts of getting out the decorations, putting on a scary movie, and jumping headfirst right back into Halloween season.

Yet, for most of the world, Halloween decor and media is reserved for the month of October. Celebrating it any other time of the year feels almost… inappropriate. To illustrate my point: you’ll quickly become the neighborhood weirdo if you put skeletons in your yard any time soon.

So, how do us Halloweenheads satisfy our ongoing desire for the macabre, the spooky, and the strange all year long without offending the masses?

There’s a fine line between passion and delusion, so follow these tips to let your Halloween flag fly all year long (while still convincing your spouse, kids, and neighbors that you’re not a lunatic).

1. See a Horror Movie

Celebrate the scares and the gore of Halloween quickly and effectively with a good scary movie. The music, mood, and style of a horror film can instantly get you in the spirit. For something new, visit your local movie theater and catch the latest horror offering. If you feel like staying in, put on a holiday favorite like Hocus Pocus or a classic like The Shining. A well crafted, spooky thriller can be enjoyable and entertaining any time of year. The genre has so much to offer. With slashers, zombies, demonic possession, ghosts, hauntings, witches, and vampires- why wait until October to immerse yourself in the terror?

For horror film recommendations, read:

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2. Create the atmosphere

For us, Halloween isn’t just a holiday that comes one day, once a year. It’s a feeling and a spirit of merriment and nostalgia that can be recreated anytime you’re in the mood. Whether it’s putting a mini decorative pumpkin on your desk at work or lighting a pumpkin scented candle in your kitchen, a few small touches can excite your senses and pay homage to the season you love the most.

3. Indulge in seasonal treats


Nothing floods the brain with happy, Halloween memories like biting into a miniature Snickers bar or sipping on a pumpkin spiced latte. Remind yourself of all the joys and treats that come with the season by tickling your tastebuds with the flavors of Halloween.

4. Listen to Halloween music

On the way to work the other day, I came across an old Halloween CD in the car: a homemade mixtape thoughtfully titled “Monster Jams, Volume 1” (don’t judge). I rocked out to “Ghostbusters” and “Don’t Fear the Reaper” and had a great time reflecting on all the Halloween memories I associate with that music. It felt so wrong, but it felt so right to listen to these songs out of season.

For a great selection of Halloween music that’s available to enjoy anytime of year, follow Mr. and Mrs. Halloween’s Ultimate Halloween Playlist on Spotify.

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5. Visit a local costume or trick shop

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Getting in the mood for Halloween around October is a breeze with dozens of pop-up, Halloween themed shops to explore. Throughout the year though, there are plenty of other stores you can visit to get your creative juices flowing. Consider taking a trip to a local party supply store or costume shop in your area. It’s never too early to start planning and picking out pieces for this year’s costume. Many thrift and consignment shops sell Halloween decor and memorabilia throughout the year, and prices are often much lower during the off season.

Our top pick for best Halloween store any time of the year: Halloweentown in Burbank, CA.

6. Watch Halloween episodes of your favorite shows

Every October, characters from our favorite TV shows don costumes and find themselves in plots that revolve around Halloween parties and trick or treating. There was a time when you could only watch these special, themed episodes once a year. Now, thanks to streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, you can watch Halloween-themed episodes of your favorite TV programs any time you choose.

For recommendations on great TV shows that center around horror and Halloween themes, read:

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7. Read something scary


There’s nothing like immersing yourself deep within the world of a good book. Choosing a novel, short story, or children’s book with a Halloween or scary theme can instantly transport you to that special time of year.

Dive into a good book with these 5 Children’s Books We Love During Halloween. 

8. Listen to a Halloween podcast

A bit late in the game, I just discovered the wonderful world of podcasts a few months ago. There are hundreds of inspiring, educational programs for every passion and interest imaginable. There are podcasts devoted to Halloween and Halloween related subjects like professional haunting or horror films discussed every week. Find a podcast you enjoy and start your day listening to the ideas of like-minded Halloween lovers.

A great Halloween podcast we recently started listening to is Every Day is Halloween, hosted by Horror Guy Keenan. 

9. Read Halloween blogs and websites

Thanks to the internet, there are countless websites, blogs, articles, videos, and tutorials to ignite your passion for Halloween whenever you’re craving the sights and delights of the holiday. A simple Google search turns up thousands of results for recipes, decor, party and costume ideas. Following a Pinterest board or Facebook page that produces quality Halloween reading all year long is a great way to keep up to date on the latest trends and ideas to inspire the most memorable Halloween you could imagine.

To keep yourself inspired, follow Mr. and Mrs. Halloween on Facebook or Pinterest.

10. Join the Halloween community

As Halloween and horror fans, we are part of a passionate and supportive niche. Become a member of a Halloween forum to discuss your thoughts and opinions on the season with fellow Halloweenheads. Subscribe to your favorite Halloween blogs and websites, and join the conversation by posting comments and your unique take on the holiday. A little involvement goes a long way and gives you an opportunity to start engaging discussions revolving around your passion any time of the year. By participating in a community of Halloween lovers, you’ll quickly find that there are numerous junkies out there with undying passion throughout the year just like you.

To join the conversation, follow Mr. and Mrs. Halloween on Twitter or Tumblr.

One of our favorite places to discuss Halloween online is Halloween Forum.

What other tricks do you use to get you into the Halloween spirit throughout the year? Share your tips and thoughts with us in the comment section below!

Be sure to follow Mr. and Mrs. Halloween all year long for the latest trends, tricks, and treats. 

There’s no shame… you can celebrate Halloween any time you want.

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  1. This is an awesome article! It’s June, and yesterday, the weather was slightly windy, and about 60 degrees- fall weather. I got so excited for autumn and Halloween, I was very tempted to decorate my house and blast spooky sounds through the house. I also didn’t want to seem insane to my neighbors… So instead, I went to my favorite store and bought some fall scentsy burners and candles. I burnt them and my house smelled like Halloween! It was great. I also made some subtle pumpkin cookies. I went into my living room and played spooky music. I was feeling totally satisfied, and no one was judging me. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting! We’re so glad you felt inspired and found a way to get in the spirit (even if the rest of the world won’t catch up for a few more months)! Keep letting that Halloween spirit grow, and have a wonderful rest of your summer 🙂

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