Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Mommas that Love Halloween

This Sunday, May 14th, is Mother’s Day 2017!

Have a woman in your life with an affection for the spooky side of things, but you haven’t gotten her anything yet? Never fear! There’s still time to get a unique gift for mom without chainsawing through the crowds or spending an arm and a leg.

For those of you who’ve yet to grab something special and don’t want to disappoint Mommie Dearest, we’ve gathered a few items available on Amazon Prime that will please the Halloween-loving women in your life AND are guaranteed to get there by the big day.

Mother's Day Gift Guide for Mommas that Love Halloween Mr and Mrs Halloween

For the mom who loves to bake


Pumpkin Patch Muffin Pan – $17.00


3D Skull Pan – $24.56

For the mom who loves little trinkets

Mr and Mrs Halloween Mother's Day Gift Guide

The Pumpkin House – $84.82

For the mom who’s got style


Skeleton Claw Jewelry Set – $9.99


The Baddest Witch in Town Shirt – $17.99

For the mom who knows how to decorate


Halloween Pillow Cover Set – $12.99


Skeleton Salt & Pepper Shaker Holder – $15.95


Frankenstein and His Wife Artwork by Richard Wallich – $46.34

For the mom who’s not a morning person


Pumpkin Mug – $16.92


Horror Movie Addict Coffee Mug – $12.95

For the mom who likes to garden


Zombie Flamingos – $17.86 

For the mom who likes her wine


Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees Goblet – $8.99

For the mom that enjoys a good book


The Halloween Tree (Hardcover) – $12.99

For the mom on the go


Texas Chainsaw Massacre Tin Lunchbox – $12.99


Universal Monsters Wallet – $34.01

Show that special maternal figure in your life how much you care with a gift that highlights her passion for the haunted holiday of Halloween.

What are you getting your momma this year?

Share your ideas with us below!

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