Music Appreciation: “Scream 2: Music From The Dimension Motion Picture”

On November 18th, 1997 Capitol Records released the soundtrack album Scream 2: Music From The Dimension Motion Picture. I remember getting the CD that Christmas and playing it on repeat for months. I still keep a copy of the soundtrack in the car and even created a Spotify playlist with music from the Scream films.

Music has the ability to instantaneously take you back in time and recall feelings from distant memories. Every time I hear a song from one of the soundtracks, it brings me back to Woodsboro (or Windsor College or Hollywood). I think about the characters, kickass moments, and themes of the film.

After reading a few reviews online, I discovered that critics thought the Scream 2 OST release was nothing more than an attempt to create a hit soundtrack and make up for the less than successful sales of the first film’s soundtrack. Others have criticized the music on the album as filler tracks that weren’t good enough to include on the artists’ own albums.

I began to wonder, am I the only one who appreciates this soundtrack?

Recently, I was listening to a Shockwaves podcast episode where they discussed the music from the Scream movies to celebrate Marco Beltrami’s score release on vinyl. Hosts of the podcast, Rob Galluzzo and Ryan Turek, agreed that one highlight of the franchise is the music. Turek, the Director of Development at Blumhouse and creator of Still Screaming, and Galluzzo, Senior Editor at and creator of The Psycho Legacy, are two people whose opinions I trust.

In addition, the reviews on Amazon are high, and if the studio wanted a hit, they succeeded. The album spent 10 weeks on the Billboard 200 and was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America in February 1998.

So, today we take a moment to reflect on all the 90s alt-rock, rap, and R&B goodness that exists within the Scream 2 soundtrack.

Mr. and Mrs. Halloween Scream 2 Soundtrack

1. “She’s Always in my Hair” – D’Angelo

This cover of a Prince B-side from 1985 kicks off the film as we pan down to a screening of the movie within a movie, Stab. Audiences noted the lack of diversity with the first film’s all-white cast. Craven and Williamson bring this issue to the forefront with Maureen and Phil’s conversation in the opening scene: “… the horror genre is notorious for excluding the African American element.”  Music Supervisor, Ed Gerrard, follows suit introducing R&B, hip hop, and rap to the musical world of the franchise.

2. “Red Right Hand” – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds 

It wouldn’t be a Scream film without a reprise of “Red Right Hand” from Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. There’s a new spooky and slow mix featured on the Scream 2 soundtrack. A new version of the song is featured in Scream 3. I’d love to know why they didn’t feature a riff again in Scream 4. New decade, new rules, I suppose.

3. “Your Lucky Day in Hell” – Eels

Love the introduction of Sidney with this song. We wrote a whole post on it, so be sure to check out: “Your Lucky Day in Hell” – Eels.

4. “Help Myself” – Dave Matthews Band

It’s college in the 90s, so Dave’s gotta make an appearance.

5. “The Swing” – Everclear

I grew up in the 90s, so I’ll admit I’m a fan of Everclear. This song perfectly punctuates one of the best kill sequences in the franchise.

6. “Dear Lover” – Foo Fighters

A slow one from the Foo Fighters. A great song for Sidney and Derek.

7. “Suburban Life” – Kottonmouth Kings

Nothing drowns out the killing of a beloved character quite like the Kottonmouth Kings.

8. “Right Place, Wrong Time” – The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Great cover of the Dr. John hit from 1973.

9. “She Said” – Collective Soul

The chaos has ended. Never seeking fame or attention, Sidney passes the spotlight onto the media-hungry Cotton Weary. Once again, she’s defeated the ghostfaced killer. The horror is over… at least for now. The music swells. Victorious, she continues on her journey as we pan out. Bad Ass.

10. “I Think I Love You” – Less Than Jake

A fast-paced reprise of Derek’s cafeteria ballad to accompany the credits.

11. “Eyes of Sand” – Tonic

12. “Rivers” – Sugar Ray

Sugar Ray is still cool, right?

13. “Scream” – Master P

A rap song about Scream with an accompanying music video featuring giant Ghost Faces? Yeah, that’s all I’m asking for. Like Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff’s “A Nightmare On My Street”, it’s just fun. And before we go trying to understand why Master P was selected to bring rap to the franchise, let’s remember that Ghetto D had just been released, and “Make ‘Em Say UGHH!” was a charting single in ’97.

Scream 2 soundtrack, I think I love you.

If you’d like to own the soundtrack, click here to purchase the CD on Amazon. Unfortunately, the compilation soundtrack hasn’t been released digitally, but you can purchase the songs separately on Amazon or iTunes. You can, however, purchase Beltrami’s score from the first two films here.

For a playlist with music from all the Scream films, be sure to follow our Spotify playlist “Scream: Music From The Film Franchise”.

What are your favorite tracks from the Scream 2 soundtrack? Leave your thoughts below!

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