6 Ways to Celebrate Halloween When You’re Sick

If you’re feeling sick this Halloween, you may feel you’ve been tricked, but there’s still plenty of treats to enjoy.

After running around and staying crazy busy for weeks preparing for Halloween, our bodies finally gave out.

We woke up Saturday morning feeling a little under the weather, and by Sunday, we knew this was more than an average cold.

Feeling feverish and foggy, we accepted our fate: we got sick a week before Halloween.

Not gonna lie, it was a major blow. We had planned and worked so hard to make this Halloween unforgettable, and now it seemed like the holiday was going to end with a bowl of chicken soup instead of a big bowl of candy.

So, how do you recover and make the most of Halloween season when you just want to call it quits and hit the hay?

Before you turn off the porch light and cancel Halloween, there are still a few ways you can have fun this Halloween… even if you feel like a zombie.

Halloween Sick

1.Adjust your perspective

It may seem like Halloween is ruined this year, but shifting your expectations can lower your stress and help you recover more quickly.

We started by assessing how bad the situation was. Luckily, we got sick about a week before Halloween, so there’s still time to recover and return to 100% before the big day.

Although we may not feel up to attending a big party or visiting a haunted house, there are low key options for celebrating that keep you resting indoors.

When I was growing up, I looked forward to trick or treating all year. The day before Halloween, I woke up to little red dots all over my body. I had chickenpox… bad. It seemed like Halloween was ruined that year, and I was devastated. Fortunately, my mom knew how important the day was to me. We adjusted our plans and incorporated as much Halloween fun as we could while still resting and healing at home. It turned out to be one of the most fun and memorable Halloweens I’ve ever had.

Above all, don’t declare defeat and wallow in the unfortunate circumstances you’ve been dealt. Keep your mind positive and optimistic, so your stress stays low and your body can heal.

2. Snuggle up with your favorite scary movies and Halloween specials

When you’re sick, there’s no better place to be than resting in your bed.

Fortunately, one of our favorite Halloween traditions can be enjoyed from the comfort of our bedroom: watching scary movies and our favorite annual Halloween specials on TV.

Even if you can’t make it to the Halloween parties this year, you can bring the party to you. Put on one of your favorite Halloween movies, dose up on Nyquil, and rest up as you live vicariously through the partygoers in the movies.

There’s no better time to call into work and marathon those seasonal staples. Maybe now we’ll finally have the time to catch up on Stranger Things.

3. Nourish your body with a hearty autumnal brew

Your diet may be restricted to healthy and healing soup, but this is the perfect time of year for just that.

Crank up the crockpot, conjure up your favorite ingredients (broth, sage, carrots, potatoes, onions), and wait as your home fills with the comforting and familiar smell of an autumn stew.

4. Treat yourself at home 

It’s a huge bummer to have to stay home on Halloween. If you’re a kid or the parent of a sick little monster, missing out on trick or treating can be a huge disappointment.

Instead of throwing in the towel, treat yourself at home with your favorite candy and seasonal desserts.

You’re sick, so there’s no guilt for indulging your sweet tooth. Plus, by selecting your own treats, you don’t have to sift through the Trick or Treat bag at the end of the night to find your favorites.

5. Pamper yourself Halloween-style

Maybe it’s still hard to come to terms with the fact that you feel miserable and Halloween inevitably blows this year.

You’ve been dealt a wicked trick and deserve some serious pampering to make up for this injustice.

Luckily, there are plenty of Halloween-themed items to comfort yourself with:

6. Summon the spirits 

If all else fails, drown out your sickness with a hard spirit.

Evidence suggests (a little!) whiskey or bourbon could help combat cold symptoms. Whip up a Hot Toddy with some bourbon, lemon, and honey, and relax as those Halloween sickness blues fade away.

Even though your immune system tricked you this Halloween, you can get down with the sickness and make the most of the holiday while getting some much-needed rest and relaxation.

We hope you feel better soon, and remember, there’s always next year.

Have you ever had a Halloween ruined because you were sick?

Let us know down below!

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8 thoughts on “6 Ways to Celebrate Halloween When You’re Sick

  1. Day before Halloween with a 5th grader with nasty virus (out of school since last Wednesday), an 11th grader who can’t keep any food in without it coming out, a sick husband (that’s worst than the kids!) and me feeling awful because I came down with the virus this weekend. I already missed the Halloween party. I do have another daughter who’s an 8th grader, and feeling fine (she had this week before last). Between tending to everyone, doctor visits, making soup and trying to be as cheery as I can be with the usual Halloween hoopla, I’m flat out exhausted. Gonna carve the pumpkins today and looking for ways to make this Halloween fun for the youngest. Like the movie idea, also thought dressing up a little and handing out candy to the little ones in our neighborhood would be fun too. Need something low key. Thought I could surprise my daughter with a Halloween treat basket, but have to hope to feel better by tomorrow to do that.

    1. Oh no! Lisa, that sounds awful! We’re so sorry your family is feeling so sick this Halloween! I hope you guys are on the road to recovery and were able to make this year as fun as possible despite the setback you guys have been dealt! Even if this year was a bust, there’s always next year… and it’s never too soon to start planning for Halloween 2018. Sending you and your loved ones healing vibes <3

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