An Insider’s Guide to the Best Halloween Events in Atlanta

It’s no surprise that one of the largest cities in the southeast is one of the most gore-ifying when it comes to celebrating the Halloween season. Georgia is known for being one of the most haunted states in the country, and those brave enough to reside here revel in scaring others—and themselves. With an array of festivals, ghost tours, and some of the spookiest haunted houses around, Atlanta has a difficult time staying quiet on Halloween.

Check out some of our favorite activities that we feel best embody the spirit of Halloween below!

Little Five Points Halloween Festival & Parade

Image © D.V. Photography
Image © D.V. Photography

Atlanta was ranked by as having the highest number of costume stores per capita, and a lot of credit can be given to the city’s bohemian music and arts district known as Little Five Points. With dozens of vintage stores, restaurants, theatrical venues, and some of the most avant-garde shops around, this eccentric locale is the perfect spot to host the annual Little Five Points Halloween Parade. Thousands of Atlanta’s biggest Halloween enthusiasts gather for live music, street vendors, and pumpkin carvings while they watch in awe as the stunningly aesthetic and elaborate procession passes by. Participants adorn intricate costumes and walk among ornate floats decorated to be equally astonishing and bone-chilling. The festival is free and continues to grow with popularity every year, so be sure to get there early to get a great view of this fantastic and frightening event. Don’t forget to dress for the occasion—you may feel out of place if your appearance isn’t as spook-tacular as your surroundings!

Netherworld Haunted House

Photo Credit: FanBolt
Photo Credit: FanBolt

Named by Travel Channel as the most over-the-top haunted house in America, Netherworld boasts an insanely horrific display guaranteed to impress—and terrify—even the bravest of souls. Located in the same city that brought you The Walking Dead, it’s no wonder this attraction has gained so much notoriety over the years. Netherworld contains 200 animatronics and 100 live actors enclosed in an in enormous space with movie-quality special effects so realistic, patrons feel as if they’ve just stepped into a real-life nightmare. Netherworld is certainly not for the faint of heart—one courageous visitor says,

“Netherworld is a truly scary experience…Last year, there were two separate houses, both containing horrors relating to every imaginable phobia. It’s basically like walking through the set of a “Saw” film. There are exits in case you find yourself too frightened.” (Source:

In fact, Netherworld creates an environment so frightening and unpredictable that guests are not free from its gruesome horrors until they reach the safety of their cars—with the doors locked, of course. Zombies, demons, and other hideous creatures begin their tormenting in the parking lot and chase you into the harrowing core of this monstrous attraction. Whether the experience creates feelings of sheer panic and terror or those of amusement, one thing is certain: Netherworld leaves quite an impression on anyone who dare enter its realms.

Six Flags Fright Fest

As if being turned upside down at lightening fast speed on a towering roller-coaster doesn’t pack enough thrills, during the fall season Six Flags gets spooky with the Six Flags Fright Fest. With an assortment of eerie entertainment that includes haunted houses, spine-chilling shows, and plenty of festivities for the little ones, this is a Halloween must for all ages! During the day, families will love the harvest festival, with activities for children such as pumpkin painting and even a costume contest. As night falls, beware! The most gruesome ghouls are unleashed as guests wander through an ominous cobweb-filled atmosphere complete with a selection of haunted houses and the park’s unique “Scare Zones.” Don’t forget to check out the incredible thrill rides Six Flags over Georgia has to offer, and remember to stay alert—anything could be lurking in the dark to give you a scare when you least expect it!

Lawrenceville Ghost Tour

Just north of Atlanta, the Aurora Theatre hosts the Lawrenceville Ghost Tour, an activity guaranteed to entertain and disturb at the same time, leaving visitors with that unsettling feeling we all crave this time of year. You would never imagine a history lesson could be so eerie until you stroll through the streets of downtown Lawrenceville and are told of the city’s haunted past. Antique stores and restaurants that look harmless from the outside have supernatural occurrences that will make you look at them with a new appreciation…and fear. As you pass by the spooky cemetery, the temperature seems to drop suddenly and you wonder with excitement and horror if there is in fact a ghostly presence there with you. Make sure you attend the ghost tour with others—this is one adventure you do not want to embark on alone!

Owl-O-Ween Hot Air Balloon Festival

Just outside Atlanta in the city of Kennessaw, Owl-O-Ween is a unique experience you don’t want to miss. Instead of taking your kids trick-or-treating in the traditional sense, allow them collect their goodies from the breathtaking hot air balloons: over twenty magnificent balloons that you can admire up close, then stand back and witness the gorgeous spectacle they create against the Georgia night sky. Owl-O-Ween is known for being the largest costume party in the Atlanta area, and it isn’t hard to see why—with tethered balloon rides, extreme pumpkin carving, Oktoberfest-inspired beer tents, and live entertainment on stunningly decorated stages, there is truly something for everyone at this festive one-of-a-kind event!

Other Halloween Haunts:

If these attractions alone aren’t enough to satisfy your scare tooth, Atlanta is home to many other haunted attractions during the Halloween season. Chambers of Horror is a haunted house that depicts scenes so graphic and disturbing, only those 18 and up are permitted. Just outside of Atlanta, 13 Stories Haunted House hosts some of the most hair-raising events of the season. Those seeking to get revenge against those gruesome monsters who torment us so should make the trip to Carrollton, Georgia for Camp Blood, where they can fire back in a zombie paintball shoot! Fans of the supernatural will enjoy Capturing the Spirit of Oakland Halloween Tours, complete with a fortune teller, live music, and of course, a beautiful and equally eerie cemetery.

In addition, Atlanta is a also a city with many family friendly festivities this time of year, including Stone Mountain’s Pumpkin Festival, where visitors can wind through an interactive maze as they are told a spooky Halloween tale. At Zoo Atlanta, even the animals are keen on celebrating Halloween with Boo at the Zoo. Test your building skills by attending Brick-or-Treat at the LEGOLAND Discovery Center, where you can win prizes for building the spookiest pumpkin.

Pumpkin Festival at Stone Mountain Park, (Source).
Pumpkin Festival at Stone Mountain Park, (Source).

For a full list of all the fall activities in Atlanta, check out and

Do you think Atlanta does a spine-chillingly good job at celebrating Halloween? What are some favorite fall festivities in your town? What city should we explore next? Share your thoughts and comments below!

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