Netflix Pick of the Week: Tales of Halloween

If you’re like us, you’re most likely feeling those post-Halloween, winter blues. Memories of October are fading and this year’s Halloween season feels so far away. If you’re looking for a strong dose of Halloween energy to lift your spirits, our Netflix Pick of the Week is the cure.

Tales of Halloween, a loving tribute to the holiday, is a horror anthology consisting of ten short segments that dish up scares, laughs, and are filled to the brim with icons of the season.


With skilled horror directors behind the camera (Darren Lynn Bousman, Neil Marshall, Lucky McKnee, Mike Mendez, just to name a few) and plenty of cameos from genre stars (Adrienne Barbeau, Lin Shaye, Barbara Crampton, Kristina Klebe, Joe Dante, John Landis… the list goes on and on), the ten stories in the film offer a diverse buffet of styles, characters, and horror subgenres.

Add Tales of Halloween to your Netflix watchlist, and get ready to soak up all the treats, tricks, and whimsy a Halloweenhead could ask for.

What are your thoughts on Tale of Halloween? Have suggestions on great horror picks available on Netflix? Share your thoughts with us below!

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0 thoughts on “Netflix Pick of the Week: Tales of Halloween

  1. Love knowing that you guys recommend this! I’ve had Tales of Halloween sitting in my queue for a couple weeks now, but I haven’t gotten the chance to sit down and watch it. I’m even more excited to do so after reading this post. (And that’s coming from a Halloween-lovin’ girl who oddly enough shies away from a lot of horror movies.)

    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting Miranda! It is definitely a fun movie filled with lots of Halloween goodness! A little like Trick ‘r Treat if you enjoyed that film. We love your site and signed up for your newsletter! Keeping the Halloween spirit strong all year long 🙂

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