Store Sightings: Target Halloween 2017

Every Halloween season, we look forward to Target’s collection of indoor and outdoor decor. The prices are reasonable, and their items always have a signature style and elegance that other big retailers haven’t seemed to match.

We took a trip to our local Target this weekend to check out this year’s selection for ourselves.

Although we didn’t see all of the items we’ve been on the lookout for at Target this year (where’s that Bride of Frankenstein globe everyone is posting on Instagram?!), we couldn’t help but walk away with a few new pieces to add to our Halloween collection.

Check out the Halloween 2017 collection we found at Target below!

Starting off in the dollar section. A little disorganized, but we did end up walking out with a few bargain goodies.

Then we made our way back to the Halloween section!


What stores do you get the best Halloween decor from?

Let us know down below!

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