Traditions: Send Halloween Cards Instead

Instead of waiting until December to send those annual holiday cards to family and friends, why not jumpstart your correspondence and start a new tradition of your own by sending Halloween cards?

When you look back to assess what made a holiday special, it’s the annual traditions, passed down through generations, that seem to have a lasting impact. Those unique traditions can make or break a holiday and have the power to create memories that live long after the holiday season is over.

Some traditions happen organically, but if your family traditions are growing stale, you can be proactive and start a new tradition of your own anytime you choose.

On her blog and in her book, The Happiness Project, Gretchen Rubin discusses the importance of traditions:

“Family traditions are an important way to build happy memories and to do fun family projects. Traditions make occasions feel special and exciting. They mark the passage of time in a happy way. They provide a sense of anticipation, security and continuity.

Studies show that family traditions support children’s social development and strengthen family cohesiveness. They provide the connection and predictability that people crave. I know that I enjoy a holiday more when I know exactly what we’re going to do, and when we’re going to do it.”

From Gretchen Rubin’s blog,

Rubin sets the goal to invent new traditions to make the holidays special for her family. One tradition Gretchen created is sending her annual greeting cards to friends and family in February, for Valentine’s Day, instead of sending holiday cards in December.

“Every year, I send out Valentine’s cards with the girls’ photo, instead of trying to mail cards in December. People seem to like getting a card for Valentine’s Day, and it’s so much easier to deal with the task once the holiday craziness is over.”

From Gretchen Rubin’s blog,

To put a Halloween twist on it, a tradition we’ve adopted over the past few years is sending our holiday cards in October for Halloween.

It’s a unique variation on a classic tradition that makes more sense for us.

Friends and family know us as the Halloween couple, so they’re happy to hear from us this time of year and are curious to know what celebrations we have in store. We also beat the holiday crowd and avoid the risk of our greeting card getting compiled with the dozens of others that arrive in the mail in December.

Honestly, after all the celebrating we do for Halloween, if the cards don’t go out in October, they may not go out at all!

Many “Halloweenheads” like us enjoy the idea of getting a special greeting from a friend at Halloween and are participating in card swaps with fellow Halloween-lovers on social media. Simply, it’s always nice to get mail. In between the bills and junk mail, there’s a little treat from someone special to brighten your day and the Halloween season.

This year, break tradition and send Halloween cards!

What traditions make your Halloween special?

Do you send out Halloween cards?

Let us know down below!

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2 thoughts on “Traditions: Send Halloween Cards Instead

  1. I always have the best of intentions… That said, I do have cards for my kids and grandkids. Just got to get them together and mailed in time! 🙂

    1. We totally relate! We bought a ton of Halloween cards this year, and they’re patiently waiting to be filled out and sent. Hoping we can take some time and get them out this week, so they make it to their destinations in time!

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