End Post-Halloween Depression: Take a Spooky Stroll

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End Post-Halloween Depression Take a Spooky Stroll

Continuing our November challenge to End Post-Halloween Depression, we encourage you to take a spooky stroll!

Yesterday, we started our healthy eating plan and workout regimen in preparation for next year’s Halloween costume.

One of our goals is to incorporate more activity into our daily routine, so we’ve started taking evening walks after dinner.

As we walked last night, we noticed as the air turned chilly and the sky grew dark. The sun had set. No one was around. It was unsettling hearing the unknown noises that surrounded us and listening to the cracks of branches in the nearby forest.

Nature can seem spooky when Daylight Saving Time ends. The world gets darker and colder as winter begins setting in.

Our ancestors feared the cold darkness and desolation brought by the winter months. The unknown mysteries lurking in the woods were a threat to everyday life as settlers prepared to brave the isolation and unforgiving conditions of the season.

It’s in our blood to get spooked this time of year. This week, venture out to a local nature trail, forest, or wooded path for an evening or early morning stroll.

Notice the foreign sounds around you, the chill in the air, and imagine how scary winter must have been years ago.

Keep the spirit of Halloween alive by sending shivers down your spine on a spooky walk in nature.

What’s the spookiest thing to happen to you while out for a walk?

Let us know down below!

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  1. I love taking night strolls (I don’t do it as much as I would like too haha) but It always brings back memories and feelings of being a little kid and trick or treating!

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