Glade Shows Fall Some Love with Limited Edition Seasonal Collection

Glade seasonal candles, 2015.
Glade seasonal candles, 2015.

Glade has released their limited edition fall collection of fragrances for 2015. The lineup includes five signature scents:

1. Apple Tree Picnic. 


“Put the tips of your toes to use and reach for the highest apple on the tree alongside hints of orchard blossoms. Meanwhile, notes of royal gala apple and white woods spread out a blanket and lay out all the fixings for the perfect fall picnic.” (Glade)

2. Fall Antiquing

“Past meets present when you take a break from the winding road and head inside to peruse forgotten treasures. Notes of sandalwood excitedly point out hidden gems on packed shelves that’d be perfect souvenirs. Later, lily of the valley and jasmine scents help you carry your vintage finds back to the car.” (Glade)

3. Hit the Road

“Head down an open, winding road with the reviving scent of crisp, fresh air in the passenger’s seat. Notes of autumn bark and blue rose plan routes in the back, while hints of musk ask you to head in the direction with the best views.” (Glade)

4. Pumpkin Pit Stop

“Grab your favorite flannel and head out into the crisp fall air for a pumpkin-picking extravaganza with notes of orchard blossoms and meadow grass. Later, scents of sweet cream frosting and whipped vanilla invite you to warm up in a nearby cottage over a slice of pie.” (Glade)

5. Sunset Walk

“Follow scents of aromatic basil on a hike through the leafy trails of a multi-colored forest. The crunching of leaves becomes the soundtrack to your walk, until hints of fall spice and creamy vanilla stop you in your tracks to catch a breathtaking autumn sunset.” (Glade)

I’ve tried the “Hit the Road” candle and love it. A mix of crisp air and freshly fallen leaves, this scent perfectly sets the mood for autumn nights.

Which scents have you tried out this year? Leave your thoughts on the Glade seasonal collection below!

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