25 Halloween Date Ideas

A list of 25 spooky and romantic Halloween date night ideas to thrill your boo.

Halloween Date Ideas

Although Halloween is known for being horrifying and morbid, it can also be a magical time to enchant your sweetheart with a bewitching date night.

Here are some of our favorite Halloween date ideas to enjoy with your sweetheart this fall.

1. Halloween Movie Marathon

This one appears on a lot of lists, but it’s a classic for a reason. Snuggling up with your S.O. in bed and sending chills down your spines with your favorite Halloween movies is one of the best date nights you can enjoy at home.

For a list of our favorite Halloween movies, click here! 

2. Picnic in the Cemetery (or Eerie Forest)

halloween date ideas

If your partner has a taste for the macabre, pack a picnic of warm cider, autumnal hors-d’oeuvres, and take them to the scariest local forest or nearby graveyard. Bonus points if you pack a laptop to enjoy a horror movie in your secluded spot.

3. Shop for Decor and Decorate Together

Pick out decor that fits your shared tastes and spend the day decking out your home with a haunting theme.

4. Attend a Haunted Attraction

Nothing gets both your hearts racing like visiting a haunted house or amusement park together. There’s something endearing about seeing your beloved scream in terror!

5. Carve a Jack-O’-Lantern

halloween date ideas

Unleash your inner creativity, and carve a jack-o’-lantern. Work together to sketch out a design, scoop out the guts, and sculpt your creepy creation. Afterwards, toast up the pumpkin seeds to snack on by the light of your newly carved masterpiece.

6. Attend a Sultry Masquerade 

halloween date ideas

There’s something mysterious and sexy about masquerading as someone else for a night. Pull out the masks for a devilish disguise and flirt shamelessly with that masked “stranger”.

7. Give Each Other a Spooky Makeover

We’ve been enjoying the recent trend of couples giving each other makeovers on Youtube. Give the activity a Halloween twist, and let your partner assemble a hair-raising new look for you this season.

8. Attend a Scary Movie Screening

Theaters, drive-ins, and outdoor movie venues get into the Halloween spirit every year by presenting horror classics on the big screen. Grab the popcorn and your lover’s hand as you nuzzle up in the back of the cinema.

9. Go on a Haunted Tour

halloween date ideas

Venture out to a ghost tour or explore local haunted lore and legends on your own – if you dare!

10. Get a Psychic Reading Together

halloween date ideas

Whether it’s a palm reading or tarot card session, there’s something mystical about exploring the otherworldly and unknown with your soul mate.

11. Do a Ritual 

If you’re not magically-inclined, we’re not suggesting you two should dive head first into the occult.

However, there’s plenty of harmless and positive fun to be had with a simple ritual to honor and celebrate the love you share.

Light some sage, a few candles, and read an loving incantation together aloud. As strange as it may sound, it’s an activity that can help you both feel more connected and align your intentions.

halloween date ideas

12. Whip Up Halloween Treats

It takes two to make a thing go right, and if we’re being completely honest, baking can be hard! Tackle a baking project as a team, and enjoy the treats you create together when you’re done.

13. Visit a Pumpkin Patch or Corn Maze

Getting out of the house and connecting to nature can refresh and recharge your relationship. Find local farms with corn mazes or pumpkin patches, and get lost in a natural setting together for a day.

14. Build a Fire and Tell Ghost Stories

halloween date ideas

Cuddling by the light of a fire is romance gold. Add a spooky touch by taking turns telling the scariest campfire tales you can conjure up while roasting marshmallows in the dark.

15. Attend a Halloween Parade or Carnival

One of our favorite Halloween memories is the year we attended the Halloween parade in Atlanta’s Little Five Points. Let your inner freak flag fly and join the crowd for some festive fun.

16. Have a Halloween Party for Two

Maybe we’re the lamest people on the planet, but every once in a while, we have a blast throwing a party… just for the two of us. Sometimes the cat attends too.

Grab some simple party snacks, blast your favorite Halloween playlist, and boogie together from the comfort of your own home.

It’s inexpensive, whimsical, and who knows what party favors may be in store when the costumes come off.

17. Go Apple Picking 

halloween date ideas

Autumn means apples, so take a trip to a local orchard. Collect a basket full for the two of you to share.

When you get home, put your culinary skills to the test by baking an apple pie or cobbler to enjoy together.

18. Conjure Up a Mini Chili Cook-Off

When the weather cools down, nothing hits the spot like a warm bowl of chili.

Everyone has their own palate-pleasing recipes, so create your own individual dishes. Afterward, spice things up by taste testing each other’s concoctions.

19. Make a Bewitched Breakfast in Bed

I’m an early riser, so it’s always fun to surprise my sweetheart with breakfast in bed.

Make the most important meal of the day exceptionally spooky for your loved one by decorating the tray with plastic spiders and ghoulish tableware.

If they sleep in, treat your beloved to a “Halloween Mimosa” by adding a few splashes of cider to a chilled glass of champagne.

20. Read a Scary Novel Together

We love reading together. Not separately but by taking turns reading chapters aloud to one another.

It’s fun, a little silly, and gives your inner thespian a chance to try out new voices and bring characters in the book to life.

You may discover theatrical talents in your beau you never knew existed.

21. Have a Frightening Photo Shoot 

Couples are always having photo shoots: engaged photo shoots, “We’re Expecting!” photo shoots, holiday photo shoots for Christmas cards.

Don your eeriest attire, seek out an autumnal backdrop and capture this year’s Halloween memories.

22. Break Out of an Escape Room

We haven’t tried this one ourselves, but everyone seems to love the challenge of an escape room.

Go on the adventure together, and see who’s better at solving riddles and helping you two break free.

23. Take a Moonlit Trick or Treat Walk

halloween date ideas

You may be too old to trick or treat, and if you don’t have little monsters of your own, you may be searching for a way to experience the nostalgia and joy of Trick or Treating… without looking creepy.

Take a moonlit stroll through your neighborhood together on Halloween night instead.

You may feel uncomfortable knocking on doors and asking for candy, but you can still have a romantic time holding hands and enjoying the home haunts and yard displays together.

24. Go Thrifting and Coordinate a Couple’s Costume

We may be the only ones, but we love coordinating a couple’s costume every Halloween.

It’s fun having a partner in crime and working to create a unique look you both enjoy.

Take the stress and big expense out of the costuming this year and venture to a local thrift store to pick out your costumes together.

25. Listen to a Playlist of Halloween Love Songs

Set the mood for whatever activity you choose by picking a playlist of enchanting love songs to score the occasion.

We love Spooky Little Halloween’s Halloween Love Songs playlist on Spotify when selecting the soundtrack for our Halloween date nights.

Halloween Date Ideas

What are your favorite Halloween dates to share with your boo?

Let us know down below!

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  1. My little sister and her boyfriend were asking me about some fun fall dates they could go on. This article has a lot more great ideas for fall dates than I did. I think attending a haunted attraction on a date would be so fun. I agree, there is something fun about seeing your significant other be terrified!

    1. Definitely agree! It gets you over those date night jitters and is both humbling and super fun to get your heart racing! I hope your little sister and her bf have a few fall dates planned for later in the year! We’ll be happy when the weather starts to cool down again and we can go on a few ourselves 😉

  2. I have a little CREEPY QUESTION…….Is there a way I can purchase any tees that are being sold at the Disney Park during their HALLOWEEN NIGHTS? 🎃📆👻♥⚰

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