End Post-Halloween Depression: Shop Halloween Clearance Sales

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Post-Halloween Depression Halloween Sales Clearance

Today we kick off our November challenge to end Post-Halloween Depression (PHD) with an annual tradition we usually don’t participate in: Shopping Halloween Clearance Sales!

By the time Halloween ends, we’re starting to experience those PHD symptoms and can’t bring ourselves to venture into the sad aisle of Halloween markdowns.

We’ve been looking at this year’s selection of Halloween decor and merchandise since August, and seeing what’s left of the barren shelves is a bummer.

This year, we decided to try something new and venture out to see what deals we could get.

We stopped at a local CVS on the way home one day and were delightfully surprised at the selection of awesome Halloween decor we found.

Typically, we wouldn’t spend $30-$60 on those mini-animatronics they have every year. You know, the ones with “Try Me” buttons that you can’t resist pressing. Fortunately, there was a whole aisle of them left, and they were all 50% OFF!

We walked out with a giant animatronic triceratops that growls with red eyes, a zombie couple animatronic snow globe, a singing Werewolves of London plush toy, a ridiculous pirate dog that whirls around to The Addams Family theme, and a caged crow that lights up and talks.

All for 1/2 the price we would have paid a few days earlier.

We’re sad Halloween has passed, but getting a sweet deal like that feels too good to pass up.

Did you snag any clearance deals this Post-Halloween season?

Let us know down below!

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4 thoughts on “End Post-Halloween Depression: Shop Halloween Clearance Sales

  1. Halloween clearance shopping is my annual tradition! Every November 1st, I wake up early (I like to go early to make sure I get the best stuff), eat a good breakfast, and prepare myself to shop for a good couple hours haha. I go to a shopping center that’s a couple cities away because they have a Michaels, Ross, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, and Spirit Halloween all in the same shopping center! I always get pretty good stuff too which really helps with PHD, then I go back home and watch The Nightmare before Christmas to help with transition of Halloween to the Holidays.

    1. That is probably the best tradition we’ve heard so far, and um, can we PLEASE join you!? Hahaha! It sounds like so much fun, and that shopping center is decked out! We would have gone to more stores if they weren’t so spread out where we live. I think going on the 1st is key because we’ve heard many stores are wiped out a few days after. Love your idea of transitioning holidays with The Nightmare Before Christmas! It’s the perfect mix of the two worlds. I think we may be watching that this weekend per your suggestion!

  2. Sounds like you made some great finds!! That’s the fun of Halloween clearance shopping for me – finding a few more hidden treasures at awesome prices. Not many were found this year since I was late to the party, but I’m happy with the cocktail napkins and stickers I picked up all the same.

    1. Since Halloween was on a Tuesday this year, we waited a little too long to go clearance shopping and didn’t get a ton of stuff. We’re really happy with the few things we did get though. Perhaps it’s for the best… for our wallets at least!

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