End Post-Halloween Depression: Leave Some Decorations Up!

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End Post-Halloween Depression Leave Some Halloween Decorations Up

Continuing our November challenge to End Post-Halloween Depression, we encourage you to leave some of your favorite Halloween decorations out for display!

There’s something special about lugging your Halloween decorations out of storage every year. Recognizing the dusty yet nostalgic smell of something packed away for months and discovering familiar pieces you had forgotten about brings so much joy in the weeks leading up to Halloween.

We usually pack and store away most of our Halloween decorations a few days after Halloween has ended. We don’t do this just so our neighbors and guests won’t start to suspect we’re crazy. Packing away the majority of your decorations preserves the special moment when those decorations are unpacked a few months from now.

If you leave all of your decorations out all year, there are no special surprises when you go to decorate next Halloween.

Instead, we like to leave a few select pieces of decor up to keep us in the Halloween spirit.

We keep a Halloween bookshelf in a corner of our home to display our favorite pieces and rotate them every few months. That way, we have a reminder that every day can be as fun and spooky as Halloween without the decorations feeling trite or having their charm grow stale during the off-season.

This week, select a few of your most adored Halloween decorations and showcase them in a special way to keep the Halloween spirit going strong all year.

What are some Halloween decorations that you display all year?

Let us know down below!

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4 thoughts on “End Post-Halloween Depression: Leave Some Decorations Up!

    1. Haha! That is the way to do it! Our house is always partially decked out in Halloween decor (at least on the inside), but once September hits… it goes to a whole other level! Send us pictures of your dining room!

  1. In our house only half of the house is decorated within the first few days in September, the rest goes up the first week of October. Our outdoor stuff is only out for 2 nights, the night before and Halloween night, then it get packed away til the next season. While the rest of the halloween indoor stuff is normally out by mid November, my bedroom is decked out of Halloween goodness til the first of the year!

    1. I love your decorating schedule!

      We try to rotate pieces throughout the year, so there’s always something new to appreciate. As tempting as it is to leave them all up all year, they can get stale and become less special if you see them every day.

      Unpacking the decorations you haven’t seen in almost a whole year is so much fun too. Like connecting with an old friend haha 🙂

      When you have your decor up this year, we’d love to see some pictures!

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