Halloween Forevermore Wax Warmer Review & Giveaway!

Please note: products featured in this post were sent to us by Halloween Forevermore in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are our own. We love these! 

Seasonal scents have the incredible power to flood your brain with nostalgia and memories you thought were long forgotten. Every October, we break the bank buying pumpkin and spice scented candles to fill our home with that familiar smell of Halloween.

This year, the numerous candles we burned each night weren’t doing the trick. The scents were too light, and the smells they produced vanished the moment the flame was blown out.

Looking to expand our scent-cultivation efforts, we purchased a cheap wax warmer from a local retail chain and a few wax cubes to see if this method was any better.

We found the wax warmer had benefits over the candles: there was no safety risk of fire, the scents were stronger and longer lasting, and using a warmer was a more cost-effective way to keep the Halloween scents going throughout the season.

It was an improvement over candles, but we weren’t wax warmer devotees yet. We wondered if we should explore different brands to compare scents and see if another warmer would produce more noticeable effects.

When we received an email from Halloween Forevermore asking if we’d like to try out their warmers and wax melts, we jumped at the opportunity to test them out.

It’s an understatement to say we were impressed!

First, we noticed that the company is a small, local business. We buy a lot of Halloween and horror movie merchandise throughout the year, and as many will tell you, there is a big difference in the level of quality and care that costumers experience with products from smaller businesses. Big retailers with mass-produced products sometimes come with a cheap price tag, but the items don’t always stand the test of time and some deteriorate after one Halloween season.

We checked out the Halloween Forevermore website, and we noticed the large selection of wax warmer designs to choose from. All the Halloween Forevermore warmers are so unique compared to the generic ones you see in most stores. Their selection of classic wax warmer designs includes a pumpkin, ghost, skull, and monster. Our favorites though are their character lineup with a zombie, an undertaker, Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, a mummy, a werewolf and even a limited edition Cthulhu monster!

We chose to check out the “Dracula: The King of Vampires” and the “Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Undertaker” warmers along with their scented wax melts.

Within 2 days, the Halloween Forevermore package was on our doorstep.

The warmers were carefully packaged to stay protected during shipping.

Once we opened the box, we were immediately transported back to Halloween season.

At first glance, you immediately notice the detail of the paint job on the warmers. These don’t look like they were sprayed with paint on an assembly line. The warmers look hand-painted with precision and care. The colors are rich. The glossy finish shines and makes cleaning them a breeze.

Setting them up was simple and easy. All you have to do is plug them in, and turn the switch. An orange light on the back illuminates to let you know they’re turned on and ready to start melting the wax.

We opened the scented wax melts and instantly recognized the fragrance of Halloween. Not the generic pumpkin scent you get every October but a smell more whimsical and rare. Their “Monster Melts” are a trio of shapes and colors called “The Graveyard Gang”. The wax melt collection is made up of 2 black bat shapes with a “Boneyard Blend” scent, 2 orange pumpkins with the scent “Rising Spirits”, and 2 red cat shapes with a “Bloody Shot of Berry” scent.

We popped the wax melts out from the package, placed them in the warmer dish, and the room was immediately filled with the aroma of Halloween season. The “Boneyard Blend” scent was warm and masculine. The “Rising Spirits” was a refreshing and light scent, and the “Bloody Shot of Berry” was sweet and lush- the perfect scent combination for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and even Christmas.

What impressed us the most about the scented wax melts was the originality of the scent palate. They weren’t fragrances you’d find on the shelf at a local retailer. They were unique, special, and perfectly captured that feeling of nostalgia that comes knocking every Halloween.

The warmers melted the wax within minutes, producing a pool of liquid fragrance that lasted for hours.

Since we aren’t allowed to burn candles at work, I brought one into the office to place on my desk. After a few minutes, colleagues came searching for the source of that delicious aroma floating through the air. “It smells so GOOD! What is that fragrance?” After noticing the warmer on the corner of my desk, everyone had to know where I got it and wanted one for their office.

I know what I’ll be giving as Christmas gifts next year!

On that note, these would make amazing gifts for Halloween and horror-loving friends and family this holiday season. As of this post, the warmers on the Halloween Forevermore website are on sale. Now is the time to grab yours or a gift for someone you love.

We were sent these products and asked for an honest review in exchange. We are not sharing affiliate links and do not make money if you choose to purchase. That said, we honestly love these warmers and wax melts and wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone interested in cultivating the scents of Halloween any time of the year.

But wait! There’s more!

Halloween Forevermore has partnered with us to share the joy this holiday season, and they’re offering to give away a free wax warmer to TWO of our readers!

The giveaway begins today (Tuesday, December 12, 2017) and ends Friday, December 22nd at 11:59 PST. The winners will be announced on Saturday, December 23rd.

To enter the giveaway, follow the rules below!

Mr. and Mrs. Halloween’s Halloween in December Giveaway!

Halloween Forevermore Halloween in December Giveaway


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