6 Last Minute Treats For Your Halloweekend

You may just be rolling out of bed, still slightly intoxicated from the spirits and merriment of last night. As you pour that warm cup of pumpkin flavored coffee and slowly regain consciousness, it hits you: there’s only 1 day left until Halloween!

Although last night may have been the last chance for a balls-to-the-wall style Halloween bash and Halloween falling on a Monday means most of us will be stuck at the office on the big day, there are still a few precious hours of this Halloweekend left. Before you go packing away your costume and taking down the orange and purple lights, try a few of the ideas below to make the most of the last day of your Halloweekend!


1. Have a Halloween Brunch

If you had a little too much indulgence at last night’s festivities, cure that toxic Halloween hangover with a Halloween-themed brunch. Brew a cup of pumpkin or caramel flavored coffee and top with whipped cream and a sprinkle of pumpkin pie spices. Make pancakes in spooky shapes, and decorate ghoulish faces with whipped cream, chocolate chips, and sliced strawberries.

For an adult treat, quench your thirst with “Halloween mimosas” by adding a few splashes of apple cider instead of orange juice to a glass of chilled champagne.

2. Horror Movie Marathon

Last night, for many of us, was filled with music and mingling, and today is the perfect time to pull the curtains closed and snuggle up with someone close. Make some warm soup, dim the lights, and lounge around soaking up the last few scary movies and seasonal favorites left on this year’s Halloween watchlist.

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3. Cozy Up with a Spooky Book


A perfect way to unwind to before the workweek ahead. The Halloween season has been a busy one, so take some much needed rest and relaxation with a good book by your side. Complete the cozy, warm atmosphere by lighting your favorite seasonal scented candle. Get the rest of the family in on the fun with a little spooky storytelling before turning in for the night.

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4. Carve Your Jack-o’-Lantern


In warmer states, it’s hard to carve your pumpkin and preserve its freshness for more than a day or so. So for us, now is the time to sketch that design and get out those carving tools to create this year’s masterpiece.

5. Tidy Up and Prep for the Week ahead with some Halloween Tunes


After all the fun of last night, there’s probably a little tidying up that needs to be done before the workweek ahead. Add a little Halloween whimsy to your Sunday routine by playing a Halloween playlist as you do your cleaning and planning. It’s easy to turn a mundane task into a Halloween celebration when “The Time Warp” is blasting in the background.

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6. Cherish Your Memories


This year’s Halloween season has been packed full of special moments that you’ll remember for years to come. Take the time to document the memories you’ve worked so hard to create this year. Capture pictures of the costumes, decorations, and treats that made this year’s Halloween celebration so unique and memorable. Creating a Halloween scrapbook or digital photo album is the perfect way to preserve the moments that meant the most to you this season.

If you’re starting to feel the sad realization that the Halloween festivities are coming to an end, remember there’s still time left to make the most of this year’s celebration. So cherish the time still left, and soak up the last bit of Halloween magic in the air. Spend time with the ones you love, break the diet with the tastiest treats you can cook up, and do the “Monster Mash” one last time. The Halloween fun is far from over.

What last minute activities are you filling your Halloweekend with? Share your fun ideas with us below!

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